Installation Guide for Mac Pro 2009 (4,1) and Mac Pro 2010-2012 (5,1) – Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD / BCM943602CDP – 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.2 Upgrade Kit

Step 1

• Locate your Mac Pro. It should look like the photo below
Mac Pro 2010 OSXWiFi

Step 2

Open the Mac Pro

• Shut down computer.

• Look at the back and pull the lever that you will find there.

• Once the lever is pulled out, the side panel can be removed – you don’t need use any screwdrivers or make any effort. However,

Hold the lever in the extended position - otherwise you will lock the drive bays.
Mac Pro Open osxwifi
Mac Pro Open Side osxwifi
• Once the side panel is removed, below is the view you should see:
Mac Pro Full Open Side osxwifi

Step 3

Remove the PCI bracket

• Loosen 2 captive screws securing PCI bracket to enclosure and remove the bracket from the computer.

Step 4

Remove CPU/RAM tray 

• Press down and release 2 latches on the front of the processor tray.
• Holding the tray by latches, lift it out of the computer
Mac Pro remove CPU-RAM tray
• After removing the tray, you can see the same as you see in the picture.

Step 5

• Remove screw
•  Slide the card out of connector and remove card from the computer
•  Slide out cables from the holder

Step 6

•  Attach the bracket to the computer
External antenna install
• Connect the antenna cable to the Bluetooth terminal
Connect bluetooth antenna cable
• Next, attach WIFI antenna cables
•  Slide the card, with all 4 antennas attached, into the mPCIe slot. Tighten the adapter in place with screw.

Step 7

• Connect Bluetooth data cable. Make sure Grey (left side) wire connects to D+ and black (right side) wire connects to D-.
Connect USB cable BCM94360CD
• Disconnect Original Bluetooth data cable.
• Connect Original Bluetooth data cable with the new Bluetooth data cable as shown in the picture

Note: If you bought extension cable, instead of external antenna kit

• Attach the original Bluetooth antenna to the extension cable

Step 8

•  Attach the bracket to the computer and screw the 2 screws
Mac Pro PCIe

Step 9

• Insert the CPU/RAM tray and then snap in the 2 latches on the front of the processor tray
Mac Pro insert CPU tray osxwifi
• Replace the panel. Then, lower the latch down
Mac Pro close case osxwifi

Step 10

• Attach the antenna to the back of the computer, or use the included extension
Mac Pro attache antenna osxwifi
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